Tandoori Times

We’ve been creating delicious food for over 16 years

About us

When you visit Tandoori Times, you can expect a warm welcome, to smell the aromas of mouth watering cuisine, and feel an energetic vibe. A relaxed attitude and exceptional food ensures guests return again and again…. and again.

Our adventurous dishes are made with the freshest of ingredients and do not contain preservatives. True vegan dishes are available, and banquets can be tailored to suit your taste.

You are welcome to bring your own wine, however you will notice in ‘To Drink’ that we have a fantastic selection of beverages available, at very reasonable prices.


We Buy Local Product

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers, with locally sourced produce.


Our Love for Food

Our food is created with the intention to please every customer who walks through our doors. To try and express the variety of our buffet-styled menu through text, simply does not do it justice.

But if we had to try, we’d start by mentioning the complexity of every plate and the attention to detail our food artists pay to ensure every dish is flawless. Our menu is boundless and bursting with choice, to help you mix and match what’s right for you. A little of everything…we’ve got that covered!